Why Survival Foods?


What is Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP), why are terrorist states very interested in them and why should you care?


At most you will hear a sharp cracking sound in the distance. Your computer and all your electronics will be toast. Your car won't run, the electronical power grid will be destroyed. No Freezer, no refrigerator, no electricity, no telephoone, and if you have a generator (unless it is properly shielded) it will not work either. Most of the devices you could run with a generator will be fried anyhow.


If you could get to a grocery store, the shelves would be emptied very quickly and violently!


A nuclear weapon detonated high above our country would release a high frequency pulse that would surge through our electrical systems creating localized magnetic fields. When the fields collapse they cause electrical surges that wold travel through our power and telecommunications systems, destroying them.


In other words, the technical foundation of our modern society would be destroyed in the blink of an eye! A Widespread societal breakdown would occur and people would be killed for a little food.


These are not right wing scare tactics. About a year ago our food supplier couuld not fill their orders for #10 cans of freeze dried foods. Your government was ordering it for themselves. There was no mention of this on the news. Vide spread panic would have taken place.


Our Pentagon is very concerned about EMP's as well. The North Koreans and Iranians have been conducting missile tests to use EMP's against the United States. This means they are conducting tests to kill you and your loved ones. This is very real threat.


How would you, your family, or your loved ones survive?


How many days of food do you and your family have? A day? A week? Then what? The grocery stores will still be empty and we country dwellers can forget about any help from the gorvernment. They will take care of themselves first and if there is any thing left it would be given to the city areas. To Leave your home to seek food would be a very dangerous task, to say the least.


We strongly suggest that you have at mimimum a four to six month supply of easy to store and long lasting freeze dried food {30 year plus shelf life} for each member of your family and loved ones. We are distributors for the most popular line of freeze dried foods and do offer quantity discouns. It is easy to purchase now. Buy it now while you can. You owe it to your family.



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